Bay-breasted Warbler
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General description.

One of the larger warblers, in addition to the above mentioned coloring, the "Bay-breasted Warbler" is conspicuous for two white wing bars and a pale patch on the side of his neck.

Female appearance.

The female 'Bay' is handsome, but duller than her mate.

Juvenile appearance.

Immature "Bay-breasted Warblers" are olive-green above, and look much like the male and female out of breeding season.

Breeding habits.

This beautiful bird makes its way up the Mississippi Valley in spring to the delight of birders, but is easily missed, in his rapid migration, among other various warblers. They settle and breed in conifer areas from British Columbia eastward to the Maritimes, and south to the Great Lakes and New England.

Calls or song.

The "Bay-breasted Warbler" emits a thin, monotonous "teesi, teesi-teesi-teesi".

Population and distribution.

These birds increase in numbers according to the availability of spruce budworms in their breeding grounds. They winter in the tropics.

Nesting habits.

The "Bay-breasted Warbler" builds a loose nest of twigs, grass and needles, high in the tops of the spruce tree. Their the female lays 5-6 white eggs, spotted with brown.

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