Prairie Warbler

General description.

. has rather inconspicuous chestnut streaks on his back and streaking along his sides. He has a black patch on the side of his neck, just below his cheek. Tails flickering nervously these warblers flit and hop through the shrubbery, snatching insects in the air. They will sometimes allow a close approach.

Female appearance.

The female and her young are duller than the male.

Juvenile appearance.


Flight pattern.

While feeding, the "Prairie Warbler" will hover, with blurred wings, to pick up an insect from a leaf.

Breeding habits.

These warblers breed in the eastern part of the United States.

Calls or song.

Up to ten buzzy and rapidly ascending notes of "zee-zee-zee".

Population and distribution.

Essentially an eastern bird, the bold and lively "Prairie Warbler's" name is a misnomer, for they are found in the North mixed pine-oak barrens, old pastures, hillsides and open scrub. It winters in southern Florida and in the tropics.

Nesting habits.

Usually located in a bush or small tree, the "Prairie Warbler" nest is made with seed stalks, leaves, grass, plant down and feathers. There the female lays four brown-spotted white eggs.

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