Hermit Warbler

General description.

"Hermit Warblers" have "chevron" patterned dark gray coloration on top, and white below. Their flanks are streaked with black. The wings have two diagonal white wing bars. The Hermit is not really a recluse at all, but spends so much of its time high up in big firs and spruces that it is hard to locate.

Female appearance.

Females have much less black on their throat bib.

Juvenile appearance.

Immature birds have no black throat.

Breeding habits.

The "Hermit Warbler" summer breeding range is central California and the Sierra Nevadas up to Washington.

Calls or song.

His distinctive call consists of three high notes followed by two rapid lower note: "seedle, seedle, chup, chup".

Population and distribution.

The "Hermit Warbler" can often be found hanging upside-down from the ends of conifer branches, like a chickadee, probing for food. It is migratory and will winter in Central America as far south as Panama.

Nesting habits.

At the middle level of evergreen trees, the "Hermit Warbler" builds a nest of plant fibers, twigs, pine needles and lichens. In it, are laid three to five white eggs spotted with brown and lilac.

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