Chestnut-sided Warbler

General description.

This handsome warbler sports another dramatic feature, the long chestnut line down both sides, set off by his pure white underparts. His yellow and white back is streaked with black.

Juvenile appearance.

The immature "Chestnut-sided Warbler" is uniformly yellow-green above and dull white below. His wing bars are yellow, and white ring encircles his eye.

Breeding habits.

The "Chestnut-sided Warbler" breeds in the conifers from central Saskatchewan eastward to Nova Scotia and south through the Great Lakes, New England and the Appalachian Mountains.

Calls or song.

Arriving at his breeding grounds, the "Chestnut-sided Warbler" perches on top a bush to proclaim, in rich musical phrases, "very, very pleased to meet cha!" or , "sweet, sweet, sweet, I'll switch you" with the emphasis on the last note.

Population and distribution.

In the days of Audubon, the "Chestnut-sided Warbler" was considered rare. However, due to abandoned pastures growing into dense thickets and cut-over forests, vast new habitats are available to these little warblers, who thrive in the brush.

Nesting habits.

The "Chestnut-sided Warbler" makes a flimsy nest of grass and bark, lined with hair and rootlets, where she lays four brown spotted eggs just a few feet off the ground.

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