Pine Warbler
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General description.

The male and female "Pine Warbler's" white belly is slightly streaked, and they both have inconspicuous eye stripes. No bird is more aptly named, nesting almost exclusively in pine trees. Creeper fashion, it searches for insect food from top to bottom.

Female appearance.

The female's markings are identical to the male's, but much duller.

Juvenile appearance.

The young "Pine Warbler" is brownish above, resembling the fall female.

Breeding habits.

The "Pine Warbler" is one of the earliest spring migrants, among the warblers, to mate and breed in the eastern parts of Canada and the United States. After breeding season, these warblers may gather in flocks with bluebirds and chipping sparrows. At this time, they are quick to fight among themselves and occasionally bully the other birds.

Calls or song.

The main song of the male "Pine Warbler" is a somewhat melancholy, melodious and rapid trill, sounding much like that of the "Chipping Sparrow" only sweeter and slower. Also brief calls by both sexes sounding sharp, high-pitched and metallic, "tseet, cheet" or "chip".

Population and distribution.

Just as they arrive early in spring, the "Pine Warbler" is last to leave in fall for southeast Texas, Florida and the West Indies. This is when they can be seen among shrubbery or in the deciduous growth of parks and gardenss.

Nesting habits.

While other warblers are still passing overhead, the "Pine Warbler" has built a compact nest of pine needles, weed stems, bark strips and spider webs, placed high up in the tallest pines. There lay four brown spotted white eggs.
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