Black-throated Green Warbler
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General description.

The "Black-throated Green Warbler" appears as its name suggests: olive green crown and upperparts and black throat and sides of breast.

Female appearance.

The female is similar but duller in all aspects. Her throat is yellow.

Breeding habits.

This warbler breeds from eastern British Columbia across Canada to Ontario and Newfoundland, and south to Alberta, Minnesota, Ohio and Northern New Jersey. He also inhabits the evergreen hemlocks of the Appalachian slopes to northern Georgia, as well as cypress swamps on the Carolina coast.

Calls or song.

The "Black-throated Green Warbler" sings the most pleasing of songs, a lazy "zeer-zeer-zeer-zeer-zee?"

Population and distribution.

A very sociable bird, the "Black-throated Green Warbler" is commonly seen, in vast congregations, during spring and fall migrations on roadsides, parks and gardens. Along with its cousin, the "Black-throated Blue Warbler", it is tame and allows easy access to its habitat. They winter from Florida and Texas southward.

Nesting habits.

These bright-cheeked birds nest on evergreen boughs from any height, from the ground to 70 feet up. There they make a nest of twigs, grass, bark shreds and moss tied together with hair and feathers. The female "Black-throated Green Warbler" lays 4-5 creamy eggs, marked with reddish brown spots.
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