General description.

The Bobolink is known and named for its bubbling call. This bird is found in Northern farmlands and meadows. This bird is gregarious and is thus found in large groups of up to thousands. During this, the males perch and sing or fly as a display. In the summer this bird feeds on insects, caterpillars, and seeds. In the winter this bird eats seeds and grains. In the breeding season, this bird is polygynous which means the males take more than one mate. Females build the nest on the ground and lay 4-7 eggs. They raise one brood per year. This bird is fairly common. It is vulnerable to nest destruction by mowers.

Female appearance.

The female Bobolink is much different than the male. Her chest is yellow in color. Her wings, sides, and back are heavily streaked with black. She has buff colored eyebrows.

Juvenile appearance.

Similar to female, but yellower.

Flight pattern.

Direct or roller coaster.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

bob-o-link, bob-o-link, pink, pink, pank, pink

Population and distribution.

Fairly common.

Nesting habits.

The Bobolink nests on the ground or in grass and lays 4-7 eggs in May and June.
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