Little Blue Heron
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Little Blue Heron Photo Little Blue Heron Photo

General description.

The Litte Blue is a medium sized, slender heron. Other markings include a grayish bill with black tip and greenish legs.

Female appearance.

Juvenile appearance.

The immature heron is snowy white with a piebald head. When changing to adulthood they are tinged with blue. Young Snowy Egrets are sometimes confused with the Little Blue Heron.

Breeding habits.

This wading bird breeds in the southern states in large mixed colonies of egrets and other herons.

Calls or song.

Various croaks, squawks and screams.

Population and distribution.

Because it has no showy plumage, keeping it safe from hunters, the Little Blue Heron is one of the most numerous of its species in the South. The Little Blue winters on the Atlantic Coast as far north as New Jersey. Although a "Coastal Bird", it can also be be seen following a plow, picking up exposed insect larvae.

Nesting habits.

The Little Blue Heron builds as nest of sticks in a small tree or bush. It lays 3-5 blue-green eggs.
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