Snowy Egret
 Photo  Photo Snowy Egret Photo
Snowy Egret Photo Snowy Egret Photo Snowy Egret Photo
Snowy Egret Photo

General description.

The Snowy Egret, in breeding plumage of lacy plumes on head , neck and back looks delicately ethereal. His serene looks disguise an impatience in stalking his meals, however, as he sprints rapidly through shallow water flushing up minnows, crab and shrimp from the mud. During non-breeding season, this egret looks rather naked.

Juvenile appearance.

Lacks plumes. Has yellow stripe up back of leg.

Flight pattern.

Flies like other herons with neck in an "S"

Breeding habits.

Breeds mostly on East and West Coast and some localities inland.

Calls or song.

Harsh squawk

Population and distribution.

Resides in marshes. ponds, swamps and mudflats. Winters north but also south to the West Indies and South America.

Nesting habits.

3-5 blue green eggs laid on a platform of sticks in a bush, reedbed or on the ground. The Snowy Egret mixes with other herons during breeding season.
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