Tricolored Heron

General description.

Once known as the "Louisiana Heron", the slender, delicately built Tricolored is a wonder of contrasting colors; red eyes and legs, long, blue bill and white plume complete his sartorial splendor. Abundant in the Deep South, this wading bird can be seen moving gracefully foraging in deep water, its legs completely underwater, seemingly to be swimming.

Breeding habits.

The "Tricolored Heron" breeds in swamps and salt marshes, bayous, coastal ponds and mangroves along Atlantic Coast north to Maine and along the Gulf Coast to New Mexico.

Calls or song.

With groaning sounds, the "Tricolored Heron" vocalizes chiefly during the breeding season when courting and nesting. Both sexes give an "aaah" call when approaching the nest with food.

Population and distribution.

A resident of tropical America, this lovely creature winters from New Jersey to South America and the West Indies.

Nesting habits.

This heron builds its nest of sticks, either on the ground or in a tree or reedbed.
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