Horned Lark
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General description.

The Horned Lark, a very widespread song bird, is a interesting bird to look at with interesting courtship behaviors. In order to impress females, the male Horned Lark will fly up to 800 feet into the air and then suddenly drop from the sky, plummeting towards the earth at incredible speeds until the very last moment when he unfolds his wings and lands safely. This bird can often be found foraging on the ground searching for foods such as seeds and grains. It can often be found in agricultural areas to forage and nest. This bird nests on the ground in a scrape or a shallow cup shaped nest.

Female appearance.

Similar to male but duller in color and the female does not have the black crown or horns that the male does.

Juvenile appearance.

The juvenile lacks any sort of black and white facial pattern and is more scaled in appearance due to the mix of brown and white in its feathers.

Flight pattern.

Roller coaster.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

pit-wit, wee-pit, pit-wee or tsee-tete or zeet

Population and distribution.

Common. Has recently expanded eastern range.

Nesting habits.

The Horned Lark nests on the ground and lays 2-5 greenish eggs in March.

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