Brewer's Blackbird

General description.

Named for the 19th Century Boston Onothologist, Thomas M. Brewer, this blackbird is abundant thoroughout most of the western and southern United States, inhabiting golf courses, city parks, irrigated pastures and freshly plowed cropland.

Female appearance.

The female Brewer's is gray with dark eyes.

Breeding habits.

These blackbirds breed from British Columbia to Manitoba to Ontario and south to southern California, New Mexico and Texas. During season, the male's display is elaborate, consisting of fluffing out his feathers, quivering his wings, cocking his tail and reaching upwards with his bill.

Calls or song.

The "Brewer's Blackbird" draws attention to himself with a series of cocophonous gurgles, squawks and whistles.

Population and distribution.

The "Brewer's Blackbird" winters in the southern United States and Mexico.

Nesting habits.

The "Brewer's Blackbird" nest in small colonies in hayfields, making nests of twigs and grasses, which hold 3-6 grayish eggs, splotched with brown.
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