Prairie Falcon

General description.

The Prairie Falcon is similar to the Peregrine in size, but paler in color (sandy brown above, buff below) with fine streaking and dark wing linings.

Flight pattern.

The Prairie Falcon flies rapidly and low, alternating "flaps" and "glides", pausing occasionally to hover above and then drop on its victum.

Breeding habits.

The Prairie Falcon breed over a wide range from Alaska and British Columbia eastward througout the Canadian prairie provences, and south through the Western and Plain States to northern Texas and Mexico.

Calls or song.

Loud calls of "kree-kree-kree".

Population and distribution.

The Prairie Falcon is found on barren mountains and dry prairies, never east of the Plain States. It winters in its breeding range.

Nesting habits.

These falcons do not build nests, but lay 4-5 pinkish eggs, blotched with brown, directly on an inaccessible ledge, far from water; whereas the Peregrin is almost always found near a river or lake. Prairie Falcons' numbers are declining due to rodent control.

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