Black Oystercatcher
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General description.

In addition to the above description, the Black Oystercatcher has stout, dull pink legs and yellow eyes with a surrounding ring of red skin.

Breeding habits.

The Black Oystercatcher is non-migratory and breeds where it resides on the West Coast.

Calls or song.

The Black Oystercatcher emits loud, whistled "wheeps".

Population and distribution.

The Black Oystercatcher inhabits rocky tidal areas along the West Coast from Baja, California to Alaska. Black Oystercatchers are elusive "Western shorebirds", as they hide among rocks and dunes until the tide ebbs half way out, so they can forage for food, using their chisel-like bills to force open the shells of bivalves.

Nesting habits.

These oystercatchers are wary birds that incubate 2-3 eggs on the bare sand, in little depressions, surrounded by low plants.

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