Wood Thrush

General description.

The Wood Thrush is one of five brown Thrushes and the most familiar of our Thrushes. From late April to early August the Wood Thrush's bell-like notes are heard, not only in the forest, but in wood-bordered village streets and from the shade trees of our lawns. His song is a sharp, pebbly, pit-pit. The Screech Owl is a common predator of the Wood Thrush. The Wood Thrush's head is brighter than the tail; underparts are white, heavily spotted with large, round black dots. The Wood Thrush is also the largest of our Thrushes

Flight pattern.

This bird has a straight flight pattern with rapidly beating wings. Flights are often very short, especially in wooded areas.

Population and distribution.

The Wood Thrush nests from Florida and Texas north to central Minnesota and southern New Hampshire; winters in the tropics.

Nesting habits.

The Wood Thrush's nest is usually built in small trees about 8 feet from the ground. The 3-5 greenish blue eggs are laid in May. There is a second brood in June.
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