Loggerhead Shrike
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General description.

This handsome gray and white bird hardly looks like a "butcher bird", as it's sometimes known, except for the mysterious 'Lone Ranger' styled mask across its eyes. However, it is a deadly omniverous killer, snatching prey in its hooked bill and impaling it on thorns to eviscerate it later.

Flight pattern.


Breeding habits.

Breeds from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, eastward to Ontario and Quebec, then south throughout the United States.

Calls or song.

The shrike emits a variety of harsh notes and trills.

Population and distribution.

The Loggerhead Shrike population is decling in the Northeast. But the bird can be found, during winter, south of its breeding grounds. It inhabits grasslands, orchards and open areas.

Nesting habits.

4-6 white eggs, spotted with grays and browns, in an untidy bulk of twigs and grass lined with plant down and feathers. This is placed in a thorny shrub or tree.

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