Laughing Gull
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General description.

If you see a black headed Gull on the Atlantic or Gulf Coast, it is most likely a Laughing Gull. Yes, this gulls make a sound like they are laughing, and they get a real kick out of stealing food from other birds. Toss a fry or chip in the air and you are likely to be swarmed by hundreds of Laughing Gulls (we know you do it, but you know you aren't supposed to feed the wildlife!). Look closely and you will see some red on the beak of the Laughing Gull and white around the eyes that sets off the black cap. In the winter, the black gap loses a bit of its luster, looking more gray sometimes than black. The Laughing Gull also has a black tail, white under-body, black legs, and gray wings and back.

Flight pattern.


Population and distribution.

Common along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.
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