Marbled Godwit

General description.

The Marbled Godwit is a sandpiper, but very much larger at 20 inches length. Both dark back feathers and lighter cinnamon chest feathers are mottled, or "marbled", which helps it blend in with the brown grass in which it breeds. This bird is identified by its long, pinkish upturned bill.

Breeding habits.

The Marbled Godwit breeds on grassy plains from Saskatchewan to Minnesota.

Calls or song.

This bird calls its name, "god-WIT, god-WIT" actually sounding more like "kerret, kerret".

Population and distribution.

The Godwit can be seen on salt marshes, tidal creeks, mudflats and seashore during migration to California, and Virginia southward.

Nesting habits.

Like other sandpipers and plovers, this bird scratches a shallow depression on the ground and lines it with grass to hold 4 olive-buff eggs 'marbled' with brown.
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