Northern Mockingbird
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General description.

No southern garden is complete without a Mockingbird to guard its treasures with his harsh alarm-note and extol its beauties in his brilliant, varied song. He is to the South what the Robin is to the North--and more, for he is present throughout the year while the Robin is with us only during the nesting season. The Northern Mockingbird has a blue-gray back with white-gray belly. It has white ends on its black wings.

Female appearance.


Juvenile appearance.

Underparts have brown spots.

Breeding habits.


Population and distribution.

Nests from the Gulf to Iowa and Maryland; rarely to Massachusetts; winters from Maryland southward.

Nesting habits.

The Mockingbird builds in bushes, orange-trees or other dense vegetation, from late March, in southern Florida, to early May in Virginia. The 4-6 eggs are blue heavily marked with brown.

Buying feeders.

Bread, suet, raisins.
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