Yellow-crowned Night Heron

General description.

Other features of this medium sized heron are his black bill and yellow/orange legs. However, the breeding plumage of the Yellow-crowned Night Heron, falling down the back of his neck, are what makes this bird so distinct.

Juvenile appearance.

The immature Yellow-crowned has similar markings, but is browner in color. In flight, their legs hardly extend beyond their tails.

Breeding habits.

The Yellow-crowned Night Heron breeds from the coast of Massachusetts to Florida and west to Texas. They also nest, interiorly, along the Mississippi River and its tributaries to Minnesota.

Calls or song.

The single, loud "quawk" of the Yellow-crowned Night Heron is high pitched in tone.

Population and distribution.

This heron has extended its range and numbers over the years. It winters as far south as South America, but also remains along the Gulf Coast and East Coast north to South Carolina.

Nesting habits.

The Yellow-crowned Night Heron nests solo, or with a small population of relatives in heronries, sometimes among other herons. She lays 3-5 blue-green eggs in a nest of sticks, placed either on the ground or in a tree.
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