Wilson's Storm Petrel

General description.

The Wilson's Storm Petrel is named after the American ornithologist, Alexander Wilson (1766-1813). It is about the size of a robin with a square tipped tail.

Flight pattern.

The Wilson's Storm Petrel darts and skims over the water like a swallow, feeding on drifting surface plankton.

Breeding habits.

This petrel breeds on islands in the Antarctic.

Calls or song.

When these birds are feeding, they can be heard emitting a soft "peep".

Population and distribution.

The Wilson's Storm Petrel is the most abundant seabird in the world. The scientific name, "Oceanites oceanicus" attests to a fully marine existance, although it sometimes enters open bays and estuaries. This bird also follows ships at sea, northward over the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Nesting habits.

It's fortunate that the Wilson's Storm Petrel breeds in the millions, for it lays only one white egg. This egg is placed in a opening in a rocky crevice.

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