Leach's Storm Petrel

General description.

The Leach's Storm Petrel is a small swallow-like seabird with long, pointed wings.

Flight pattern.

This bird flies like a nighthawk; each downward wing beat seems to whip the Storm Petrel forward, probably aiding against strong headwinds at sea.

Breeding habits.

The Leach's Storm Petrel breeds on the coasts and offshore islands of Greenland and Iceland to Maine and Massachusetts, and on the Pacific Coast starting from the Aleutians.

Calls or song.

This bird has a repertoire of "eerie screams", trills and cooing.

Population and distribution.

The Leach's Storm Petrel is hardly ever seen as it comes ashore only to breed. It resides at sea from the North Atlantic to the Equator and Alaska to Midway Island in the Pacific.

Nesting habits.

This petrel nests in colonies and lays one white egg in a hole in the ground. These burrows are visited at night.

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