Sage Thrasher

General description.

The smallest of all of the Thrashers, the Sage Thrasher is frequently likened to its mockingbird relatives with whom it shares much of its genetic make up. Both the bill and the tail of the Sage Thrasher are short by thrasher standards. Found in the Western United States, the Sage Thrasher lives and nests in the sagebrush. The Sage Thrasher has grayish-brown colored upperparts and a light-colored, streaked belly. The Sage Thrasher has a straight bill, a dark line across its eye area, and distinctive yellow-colored eyes. The Sage Thrasher is prized for its melodious song of variable and rambling notes. Of note, if The Sage Thrasher is disturbed suddenly it is far more likely to run on the ground rather than to take flight.

Female appearance.

Similar to male

Juvenile appearance.

Similar to adult except for streaked head and back

Flight pattern.

Swift, direct

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

Long and melodious. Musical series of rambling notes.

Nesting habits.

Builds nests in sagebrush or on the ground. 3-5 eggs, both parents tend to the nest.
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