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General description.

The Osprey's white head, size and love of fish often leaves people thinking they saw a Bald Eagle. But, the Osprey is smaller, has a white belly or chest, and the head is not pure white, but a combination of black and white. The Osprey is a relatively common bird in certain coastal areas such as California and the Gulf coast, but also lives inland near lakes, rivers, and bodies of water in the Pacific northwest and the northern US into Canada. The Osprey makes a large nest in trees or man-made objects like poles. In addition to being confused with the Bald Eagle, the Osprey frequently battles over fish with it's bigger and more powerful neighbor. Osprey eggs are laid in late April and early May, typically four buffy white, heavily marked with chocolate eggs. The Osprey is also referred to as Fish Hawk, and is frequently confused with the Eagle. It is smaller with white instead of blackish underparts.

Flight pattern.


Calls or song.

A loud cheap cheap cheap

Population and distribution.

Coastal areas and inland near bodies of water.

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