Harris's Hawk

General description.

A Western bird, the Harris' Hawk is a black Buteo with the aforementioned chestnut markings, in addition to white base and tail tip and white on its rump. It is normally tame, but fearless.

Juvenile appearance.

Young are similar but more streaked.

Flight pattern.

The Harris' Hawk does not soar as efficiently as the vulture so it has to work harder, flying slowly in search of small animals for dinner.

Breeding habits.

This large hawk resides and breeds in the semiarid areas of southern Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Calls or song.

Low, harsh hissing sound.

Population and distribution.

The Harris' Hawk can be seen perched on telephone and utility poles along brushland just north of the Mexican border. Pairs and family groups hunt together and share their food. They will also join vultures feeding on carrion.

Nesting habits.

This hawk builds a nest of sticks and lines it with grass, which it places in scrub or cacti. It lays 2-4 pale white eggs, faintly spotted brown.
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