Blue Grosbeak
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General description.

Slightly larger than a house sparrow and colored like the Indigo Bunting, the "Blue Grosbeak" is the only northern member of a genus of tropical bird common in South America.

Female appearance.

The female "Blue Grosbeak" is dark buff brown with two buff wing bars.

Breeding habits.

This lovely bird breeds from central California across the United States to southern New Jersey, with the exception of Florida.

Calls or song.

In early morning and late afternoon, the "Blue Grosbeak" can be heard rapidly warbling in short raising and falling notes. The call note is a metallic "klink".

Population and distribution.

Before heading south to Panama in the fall, the "Blue Grosbeak" gathers in large flocks, in sorghum fields, in search of insects and seeds for the long journey.

Nesting habits.

Wherever the underbrush is thick, the "Blue Grosbeak" will build a flimsy nest of grass, weed stems and leaves, which she conceals in a clump of weeds or in a low bush. There she lays 3-4 bluish-white eggs. Her mate will help feed the hatchlings.
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