Cave Swallow

General description.

The "Cave Swallow" has a "square tail". They raise their young in inaccessible "air conditioned" caves during the hottest months in the southwest.

Flight pattern.

As do all swallows, it catches its prey on the wing.

Breeding habits.

Relatively few "Cave Swallows" breed in the United States, but some do in southern Texas and southeastern New Mexico.

Calls or song.

The "Cave Swallow" issues forth with a series of squeaks, twitters and warbler.

Population and distribution.

These swallows winter somewhere in the Tropics, and seek open country near caves and cliffs.

Nesting habits.

The "Cave Swallow" makes a nest of mud, lined with grass, roots and feathers, which she attaches to cliff walls and in niches in caves. Each year she enlarges the old nest until the weight of it brings it crashing to the ground. The female lays four brown-spotted pinkish eggs.

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