Common Poorwill

General description.

This bird also has white on the back corners of its rounded tail. Belonging to the family of nightjars, the Common Poorwill is the smallest of the species. It is hardly ever seen among the sagebush, except, perhaps, at night sitting on a roadway. Another other unique factor is that the Poorwill is the only known hibernating bird. It stores up fat and spends the winter in a state of torpor, returning to the same cave crevice year after year.

Breeding habits.

The Poorwill breeds from Southeastern British Columbia and Montana and southward as far east as Kansas.

Calls or song.

The 'Poor-will' repeats its name in a mellow voice.

Population and distribution.

The Poorwill resides in the arid regions of Western United States, and remains in the desert of California during the winter months.

Nesting habits.

She lays 2 pinkish eggs on bare ground in desert and chaparral.

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