Black-headed Grosbeak
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General description.

Among the handsome family of grosbeaks, the "Black-headed Grosbeak" stands out for his tawny back with black streaking and black wings and tail with white patches. His pale beak is large for cracking heavy seeds.

Female appearance.

The female has pale underparts and is interestingly marked with a white eyebrow and finely streaked breast.

Breeding habits.

The "Black-headed Grosbeak" breeds from southwestern Canada south throughout the Rocky Mountain area. They choose open, deciduous woodlands, near water, to mate.

Calls or song.

They sing loudly and long, sounding somewhat like a robin, although sweeter. Their call note is a sharp "tick".

Population and distribution.

These birds perform a valuable service to farmers by consuming harmful insects. Very occasionally, the "Black-headed Grosbeak" can be found at eastern feeders. They winter in Mexico.

Nesting habits.

This grosbeak will build a nest of sticks, lined with leaves and grasses, on the outer limb of a tree.

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