Red-cockaded Woodpecker

General description.

The Red-cockaded Woodpecker is often found in group of 3-7. This bird forages for food by drilling on the side of trees for insects and sap. It also eats worms and various nuts and berries. During breeding season this bird is monogamous and often mates for life. A pair nest in a cavity in a pine tree. The female lays 2-5 white eggs. The pair cares for the young until they are ready to leave to nest. A pair raises one brood per year. This bird is uncommon having declined in the 20th century. it is now considered an endangered species due to deforestation for pine forests.

Flight pattern.

Roller coaster.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

yank, yank and sripp and tsick

Population and distribution.


Nesting habits.

The Red-cockaded Woodpecker nests in trees and lays 2-5 white eggs in April.
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