Ladder-backed Woodpecker

General description.

A strong black and white facial pattern forms a rectangle on the male "Ladder-backed Woodpecker". Within its range, the Ladder-backed is the only small woodpecker so marked.

Female appearance.

The female wears a black cap.

Juvenile appearance.

In the young, both sexes have the same red cap as their father.

Breeding habits.

The "Ladder-backed Woodpecker" breeds and resides in the desert southwest among creosote bushes and cholla cacti.

Calls or song.

With each hop up the trunk of a tree, the "Ladder-backed Woodpecker" utters a thin"pik", which descends into a rolling. "chirrup", such as the "Downey Woodpecker" makes.

Population and distribution.

This bird also visits less arid areas, frequenting post oaks, hackberries and other trees not far from water.

Nesting habits.

In the cavities of trees, cacti, poles and posts, the "Ladder-backed Woodpecker" female lays four or five white eggs on a bed of fine chips.
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