White-faced Ibis

General description.

Additionally, this gorgeous wading bird has back and wing feathers that are metallic blue-green. He is bare faced with a band of white feathers surrounding red eyes. His legs are also red. In winter, however, all the remarkable colorings change, and the White-faced Ibis is hard to distinguish from the Glossy Ibis.

Breeding habits.

The White-faced Ibis is a Western bird that breeds from Oregon east to Minnesota and southeast to New Mexico, Texas and Louisanna.

Calls or song.

As beautiful as these birds are, they are not musical. They emit low croaks and grunts.

Population and distribution.

The White-faced Ibis winters in the southeast and along the Gulf Coast.

Nesting habits.

The female ibis lays 3-4 pale blue-green eggs in a shallow cup of reeds and grass. This nest is built in the low bushes of the marsh.
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