Glossy Ibis

General description.

The Glossy Ibis is easily identified by its extraordinary combination of metallic coloring; rich chestnut neck, breast and upper back, green elsewhere. His eye and bill is outlined with a thin white line. This bird has been known to eat the poisonous water moccasin.

Female appearance.

With similar coloring, the female Glossy Ibis is almost as handsome as her mate.

Breeding habits.

The Glossy Ibis breeds on or along the East Coast from Maine to Florida in swamps, mangroves, coastal bays and estuaries.

Calls or song.

The sound of the Glossy Ibis is a crow-like, "graa-graa-graa" as it approaches its nesting chores. Otherwise, it emits low grunts and high pitched bleats.

Population and distribution.

The Glossy Ibis is thought to have orginally migrated from Africa and is now the most widespread of the ibis species throughout the world. It winters on the East Coast south from South Carolina and on the Gulf Coast of Louisana and Alabama.

Nesting habits.

The ibis makes a nest of sticks, which it locates in a bush or tree. She lays 3-4 blue-green eggs.
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