Red-necked Grebe

General description.

The Red-necked Grebe is the largest of the Grebe family in eastern North America. Just as its appelation implies, the handsome Red-necked Grebe is decked out with a black crown, white cheek and rust-colored neck. His breast and back is bluish-black, and wings have white patches seen in flight. The bill is pointed and the lower mandible is yellow. The winter plumage of the Red-necked Grebe is dowdy in comparison; all the beautiful coloring turning to gray with only the pale cheek remaining. This bird is an excellent diver and is usually seen with only its head above water while swimming.

Breeding habits.

The Red-necked Grebe breeds in marshy ponds and lakes.

Calls or song.

The Red-necked Grebe is unusually silent while breeding, but is capable of a variety of squeaks and wailing calls.

Population and distribution.

The Red-necked Grebe breeds from Alaska and northern Canada across to Ontario and south to Oregon, Idaho and southern Minnesota, and migrates to coastal bays and estuaries on both coasts in winter.

Nesting habits.

Solitary floating nest of dead reeds and grass containing 4 to 5 bluish-white eggs stained brown.

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