Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
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General description.

His slightly explosive call-note tin-ng, is louder than his exquisitely finished, varied, miniature song. The nest is carefully crafted. The 4-5 white, thickly speckled eggs, are laid in April and early May. Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher is smaller than a chickadee, with a slender, gray mite and a comparatively long tail of which the central feathers are black, the outer ones white. The Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher also has a white eye ring.

Female appearance.

Similar to the male, with the less evident blue coloring being much more faded and gray. Black line above eyes is missing.

Flight pattern.

Direct, short flights. With weak, shallow beating of the wings.

Population and distribution.

The Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher nests from the Gulf States to southern Wisconsin and southern New Jersey; winters from the Gulf States southward.
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