Purple Martin

General description.

A very social species, the Purple Martin flocks in as many as 200 pairs in Martin birdhouses, made especially for them. The male is blue-black with nuanced wing feathers and tail.

Female appearance.

Duller above, pale gray below.

Juvenile appearance.

Same as female.

Flight pattern.


Breeding habits.

The Purple Martin breeds from British Columbia to central interior Canada and Nova Scotia, southward. It is absent from the mountainous regions of the west.

Calls or song.

Listen for a warbling sound and a penetrating, "tee-tee-tee".

Population and distribution.

The Purple Martin is an almost 100% resident of the multi-compartmented Purple Martin birdhouse. Other domiciles include open woodlands and agricultural areas. This bird migrates to the tropics in winter.

Nesting habits.

The Purple Martin lays 4-5 white eggs in a nest made of grass and plant material in a natural cavity, tree or bird house.

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