Great-tailed Grackle

General description.

Both sexes have yellow eyes. The male's tail almost as long as his body. The "Great-tailed Grackle" occasionally nests very near the "Boat-tailed Grackle" and sometimes they even hybridize.

Female appearance.

The female grackle is much smaller than her mate. She is brown with a pale breast. Yellow eyes

Breeding habits.

The "Great-tailed Grackle" seeks open areas of the southwest and south central United States, such as farmland with scattered trees and thickets in which to breed.

Calls or song.

This grackle produces many loud, noisy vocalizations. His territorial sound consists of four parts: a snapping sound, followed by undulating, "chewe-chewe-chewe", followed by more snapping and ending with several "cha-we" notes. He typically accompanies an alarm call, "chut" by flicking his flamboyant tail.

Population and distribution.

The "Great-tailed Grackle" is a resident of California, Colorado and Kansas, and western Louisiana southward. It seems to be extending its range eastward, but has not yet invaded Florida.

Nesting habits.

In a tree, the female lays three or four pale blue eggs, spotted and scrawled with brown and purple in a bulky nest of sticks, grass and mud.
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