Ruby-crowned Kinglet

General description.

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet is a tiny, olive-green bird, with a large white eye-ring, fluttering actively among the yellowing leaves, uttering from time to time a wren-like cack as he twitches his wings. It is not often afraid of humans and is seen over much of North America. The Ruby-crowned Kinglet migrates heavily during the winter and returns before the trees are clad. It's song is very long, loud, and beautiful The Ruby-crowned Kinglet has a white eye-ring; two whitish wing-bars, no white in the tail; adult male with a ruby red crown-patch; absent in females and young. The ruby crown is often not visible on adult males.

Female appearance.

The female Ruby-crowned Kinglet does not have the red crown patch.

Juvenile appearance.

The juvenile Ruby-crowned Kinglet does not have the red crown patch.

Flight pattern.

Beats wings several times then fold them. Creating a rollercoaster type flight pattern. The Ruby-crowned Kinglet can also hover for food.

Population and distribution.

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet nests chiefly north of the United States; winters from Virginia and Iowa southward.

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