Bank Swallow
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General description.

The Bank Swallow is brown above, dull white below with a distinct band across its breast. It has a notched tail.

Flight pattern.


Breeding habits.

The Bank Swallow breeds across the continent from Alaska to Canada and south to California, Texas and Virginia. It winters in the tropics.

Calls or song.

A sharp "trit-trit".

Population and distribution.

The Bank Swallow got its name because it originally nested in the steep banks of rivers. Large colonies left those rivers riddled with holes. However, this little bird has gradually adapted to human activity, and will make its home in man-made excavations near rivers, creeks, lakes and the seashore.

Nesting habits.

The Bank Swallow lays 4-5 white eggs in a nest of grass and feathers after digging a chamber at the end of a deep tunnel.
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