Rock Wren

General description.

Motled above with buff undersides, the Rock Wren has tail feathers with buff tips.

Breeding habits.

Breeds in the mountainous regions of the far west.

Calls or song.

A trill of high notes, "chewee, chewee, chewee, chewee".

Population and distribution.

The Rock Wren lives and breeds on rocky slopes, cliffs, canyons and dams in dry climates from British Columbia and Saskatchewan to North Dakota. It winters in Southern California and Texas.

Nesting habits.

The Rock Wren's nest is easy to discover, as she lays down a path of small pebbles, seemingly welcoming the visitor to her domicile, which is a shallow nest of plant fibers and roots, lined with feathers. This she places in a crevice of rocks. She produces 4-6 white eggs, lightly speckled with brown
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