Black Phoebe
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General description.

Another member of the flycatcher family, the Black Phoebe, in addition to his black head, back and breast, sports a white belly and white undertail coverts and tail feathers. The Phoebe captures its insect prey in midair and consumes it in flight.

Breeding habits.

The Phoebe keeps to shady areas near the waters of streams, ponds and lakes, where it can take advantage of mud for nesting.

Calls or song.

The Phoebe's song is a thin repeated, "pi-tsee" and its call a sharp "chip".

Population and distribution.

The Black Phoebe is a resident of northern California, Arizona, New Mexico and southern Texas, remaining year round in these areas.

Nesting habits.

The Black Phoebe makes a nest of mud, moss and grass, which it lines with feathers and hair. These nests are built under bridges, the rafters of barns and any sheltered ledge.

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