Allen's Hummingbird
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General description.

"Allen's Hummingbird" distinguishes itself from the Rufous by its green back, otherwise the iridescent colors and markings are alike: white breast, rufous underbelly, flanks and tail. This tiny 'warrior' stands ready to defend his feeding area, and has been known to run off some pretty large hawks.

Female appearance.

For the most part, she cannot be differentiated from the Rufous Hummingbird, but the female Allen's is a little larger with wider tailfeathers.

Flight pattern.

During courtship, the male "Allen's Hummingbird" dances a series of "pendulum" arabesques in an arc, then pulls up in a steep climb for a hundred feet or so and makes a noisy dive at the female.

Breeding habits.

Breeding range for the "Allen's Hummingbird" is limited to the Oregon and California coastal mountain regions.

Calls or song.

Articulation consists of mousy squeaks and buzzing.

Population and distribution.

After nesting, "Allen's Hummingbirds" disburse until Fall when they wind their way down through Southern California and Arizona to winter quarters in northwest Mexico.

Nesting habits.

The female constructs a minuscule cup of lichen, moss and down on either a hanging vine or tree limb. There she lays two tiny eggs.

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