American Redstart
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General description.

This beautiful warbler is given the Spanish appellative, "candelita" or "little torch", for the way it seems to light up the shadows with flaming color, as it flits from tree to tree.

Female appearance.

The female American Redstart is less spectacular, but still distinctive in her olive-brown mantle with flashes of sunny yellow adorning her wing coverts, side and under the tail.

Juvenile appearance.

After its first birthday, the juvenile Redstart finally acquires adult plumage. Therefore, it may be puzzling to hear, what you may think is a female, singing and displaying like a male.

Flight pattern.

The dainty American Redstart flutters like a butterfly, whirling and floating in the air as it pursues an insect for lunch. It then alights, fanning its tail and wings in a resplendent victory dance.

Breeding habits.

The abundant American Redstart wings northward to breed from Alaska east to Newfoundland and south as far as northern California, Colorado, Oklahoma, northern Louisiana and South Carolina. The male fights to set up his territory nearly an acre in length and width. He greets his mate with much strutting and display.

Calls or song.

Notes that are high pitched: "chewy-chewy-chewy, chew-chew-chew"

Population and distribution.

The American Redstart inhabits second growth woodlands and thickets. They winter in southern California, Texas, Florida and the tropics.

Nesting habits.

With virtually no help from her mate, the female Redstart constructs an efficient nest of strips of bark and grass, which she binds with plant fibers and spider webs. This is build in a sapling or next to a tree trunk.

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