Mountain Bluebird

General description.

In breeding plumage the male "Mountain Bluebird" is a bluebird without any rusty red coloring. He seems a living model for the beautiful turquoise jewelry fashioned by some of the western Indians. It is the state bird of Nevada and Idaho.

Female appearance.

Duller and grayer with blue tinge on her wings and tail.

Flight pattern.

The "Mountain Bluebird" has longer wings and a more graceful swallow-like flight than the "Eastern Bluebird". They fly with undulating swoops or hover over fields, on rapidly beating wings, in search of food.

Breeding habits.

"The Mountain Bluebird", as its name implies, breeds at high elevations between 5,000 and 12,000 feet above sea level from southern Alaska south to Nebraska, New Mexico Arizona and California.

Calls or song.

Very early in the morning, this bluebird sings, "chow, chow, poly-chow, poly-chow", and frequently during the day harmonizes, "eee-ee-e" in a soft repetitious warble.

Population and distribution.

These birds usually travel in small parties. In winter, the "Mountain Bluebird" descends to lower levels, where it inhabits grasslands and plains.

Nesting habits.

These bold, strikingly colored birds seek tree cavities and nesting boxes provided by people, where they build a nest of grass and plant fibers. They produce five or six pale blue eggs.

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