Brewer's Sparrow

General description.

Two buff wing bars complete the description of the "Brewer's Sparrow", named for Thomas M. Brewer, an authority on birds' eggs.

Juvenile appearance.

Young also have a streaked chest.

Breeding habits.

This sparrow breeds in the Yukon, south to the Dakotas, California and New Mexico. He hides and nests in sagebrush, and if this shrub grows in mountains, they may breed as high as 9,000 feet.

Calls or song.

The "Brewer's Sparrow" sings arias full of buzzy trills all day long.

Population and distribution.

In his habitat, the "Brewer's Sparrow" outnumbers all other birds. They winter south to central Mexico and southern Texas.

Nesting habits.

The female Brewer's builds a nest of twigs, lined with hair, in which she lays 3-4 greenish-blue spotted eggs.
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