Arctic Tern
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General description.

Very similar to the Common Tern, the Arctic has shorter legs, longer tail and grayer undersides.

Breeding habits.

The Arctic Tern, as it names implies, breeds and lives on coastal islands and beaches mostly in the Alaskan and Canadian tundra.

Calls or song.

The Arctic Tern emits a harsh "tee-ar" or "kip-kip-kip-tee-ar"

Population and distribution.

Rarely seen in the East, the Arctic Tern migrates, off shore, down both coasts to Antarctica, registering 11,000 miles. These birds see more daylight than any other living creature, as they spend summers and winters in Antarctica and the Arctic, respectfully, during a period of longest days.

Nesting habits.

The Arctic Tern colony, like all its cousins, makes a shallow depression in the sand, lined with grass and shells, in which it lays 2 spotted olive-buff eggs. Beware of coming too close to a nest or the young, as the tern will "dive bomb", just skimming your head.

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