Northern Hawk Owl

General description.

Thanks for your patience. We haven't completed content on this bird. While we work on it, here is some information from Frank Chapmen, author of "What Bird is That." >>>>>> HAWK OWL Surnia ulula caparoch A medium-sized Owl with a whitish face and yellow eyes and a long, rounded tail; the head is spotted, the back barred with whitish; the underparts are barred with white and blackish. L. 15; T. 7. Range. Northern North America, rarely visiting the northern United States in winter. Cambridge, very rare in late fall. N. Ohio, rare W.V. SE. Minn., uncommon W.V., Oct.-Mch. "The Hawk Owl is strictly diurnal, as much so as any of the Hawks, and like some of them often selects a tall shrub or dead-topped tree in a comparatively open place for a perch, where it sits in the bright sunlight watching for its prey" (Fisher).

Flight pattern.


Breeding habits.


Calls or song.


Population and distribution.

Uncommon to rare.

Nesting habits.

The Northern Hawk Owl nests in trees and dead trees and lays 3-13 white eggs.
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