Bewick's Wren
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General description.

The Bewick's Wren is the size of the House Wren, but with the tail nearly half an inch longer; its outer feathers tipped with gray. A house Wren of the States west of the Alleghanies with a tail that seems to be at the mercy of passing breezes, and a song resembling the Song Sparrow's, but louder. Its nesting habits resemble those of the House Wren. The Bewick's Wren has a reddish brown back, white-gray belly, a long tail with brown bars and white tips. It also has a white stripe above the eye. Bewick's Wrens found in the East do migrate where Western birds often do not.

Female appearance.


Breeding habits.


Population and distribution.

Mississippi Valley from the Gulf States to southern Michigan; rare east of the Alleghanies.

Nesting habits.

The 4-6 eggs, laid in April, are white speckled with reddish brown and lavender.
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