Brown Thrasher
Brown Thrasher Photo Brown Thrasher Photo

General description.

The Brown Thrasher's rich, distinctly enunciated notes ring loud and clear above all other songs as the bird from some tree-top gives his musical message to the world. The performance concluded he returns to the undergrowth whence one may hear his explosive, whistled _wheeu_ or sharp kissing note. The Brown Thrasher has a tail and bill much longer than other Thrushes, white wing-bars, and a pale yellow eye.

Female appearance.


Breeding habits.


Population and distribution.

Nests from Florida and Louisiana to Canada; winters from North Carolina and SE. Missouri to Florida and Texas.

Nesting habits.

The nest is built in bushy growths or on the ground in May. The 3-6 eggs are grayish white finely speckled with reddish brown.

Buying feeders.

Will eat raisins, suet and bread from feeders.

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