Lesser Yellowlegs
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General description.

The differences between the Lesser and the Greater Yellowleg are that the Lesser, ironically, looks longer legged than the Greater. His bill is not as heavy nor upturned. He has a gray back, is largely white below and heavily streaked. Both species bob their heads up and down when watching an intruder. The Lesser Yellowleg is tamer and more approachable.

Breeding habits.

The Less Yellowleg breeds from Alaska to British Columbia, seeking bogs, marshy ponds and lake and river shores.

Calls or song.

The Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs have different calls. The Lesser whistles a clear, sweet, "tu-tu" or wheu-wheu".

Population and distribution.

The Lesser Yellowleg is rarely seen on the East Coast in Spring. It winters as far south as Argentina, Chile and Patagonia, but also along the Gulf, Pacific and Atlantic Coasts from southern California and Virginia south.

Nesting habits.

Female Yellowlegs lay 4 buff eggs, splotched with brown, in a depression they make in the ground near the water.

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